1 Mar 2019

We have had a great week in 7G doing various activities for Rainbow Week.

Worm Loves Worm - On Tuesday we looked at the story Worm Loves Worm. The pupils enjoyed listening to the story and talking about our differences and celebrating them. 

Rainbow pictures - We used watercolours to paint rainbows

Rainbow song - We have been singing a French song and learning the French word for the colour yellow - jaune

Sharing Our Learning - Whilst some of the parents and carers from year 7 were learning about numicon we had a French food tasting, focussing on yellow coloured foods, yum! Some of the parents and carers had a chance to try some of the food too. We were so busy enjoying the food that Mrs McDonnell forgot to take pictures, but we can assure you it looked fabulous and tasted delicious :)



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