15 Nov 2019

This week Oak Class have took part in lots of activities with our friends for friendship week.

We read a story all about how we can be good friends to each other and then some of us thought of our own ideas on what makes a good friend;Tig said people ask to play with me, and Ellie wanted to share her cake. Ethan said some of his friends have glasses and that him and his friends go to each other’s houses. Isobel told us her brother makes her laugh. Josh said he could choose what his friends do or they could choose if they wanted to. Amir told us he likes to play dress up with his friends. Ellie told us she loves her big sister!

We all chose a friend to make a friendship bracelet for. Tig asked Mia if she liked her bracelet and she replied “that’s beautiful!”. We heard a lot of thank you’s from all our friends for our bracelets.

We have also made an Oak Class friendship flower with lots of wonderful petals! We even made a friendship potion together in attention autism, and then some of us made our own!

We’ve all been super friends to each other; letting our friends join in our activities, making our friends feel better if they are upset and telling our friends to join in if they are playing alone!

We are all friends in Oak Class!

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