Welcome to our Art & Design curriculum page.

Art and Design is taught throughout the school and all the children will have the opportunity to experience art and design as part of their creative curriculum. It is delivered in an interesting, stimulating and multi-sensory way to motivate all learners to enjoy art and design. 

Art is designed to equip the children to: 

  • Develop fine-motor skills. 
  • Provide opportunities for children to learn through their senses and to become 
  • aware of the world in which they live. 
  • Develop their visual skills and awareness of visual images. 
  • Develop creativity and imagination through a range of complex activities. 
  • Provide children with opportunities to express themselves in emotional terms through their art experiences, non-verbally as well as verbally. 
  • Develop the children’s knowledge of materials by allowing them to experiment freely and to encourage them to use materials sensibly and safely. 
  • Ensure that children learn a range of pertinent skills so that they are able to develop an expertise in using both materials and equipment enabling them to create pieces which reflect the realisation of their ideas. 
  • Develop the children’s understanding and appreciation of the work of artists, 
  • crafts people and designers and apply this knowledge to their own work. 
  • Provide opportunities for studying historical, cultural and religious art. 

Thank you for visiting the Art and Design curriculum page, we hope you enjoy looking through the exciting art work the children create.  

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