Welcome to our Geography curriculum page.

Welcome to Geography at Astley Park School. 

Geography is a foundation subject within the National Curriculum. The aims for our children are: 

  • To develop pupils skills in geography 

  • To help pupils develop geographical knowledge and understanding about places and themes 

  • To introduce pupils to geographical enquiry 

  • To help pupils develop a sense of identity, through learning about the UK and its relationship to other countries. 

Geography promotes our cultural development through the study of real people in real places. Pupils learn about the characteristics of their local area, why it is like that, and contrast where they live with more distant localities.  As the children look at geography in a variety of ways, including cultural and religious aspects, they begin to gain an understanding of their place in the world. 

In the Primary Phase, Geography is made relevant and exciting for the children through topics such as Pirates, Travelling Teddies, Dora the Explorer, The Wild West, Madagascar and The Little Mermaid. As we move into the Secondary Phase, we explore topics such as The Groovy Greeks, Travel and Tourism, Volcanoes and Earthquakes and Brilliant Brockholes.  Through capturing our children’s imagination and creativity we can cover National Curriculum objectives such as naming and locating the world’s oceans, using images to create maps and using fieldwork to observe, measure and record. 

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