Help us Grant a Christmas Wish 


We are looking for nominations for a deserving family to receive a gift of 6 months of class lessons for one child! 


In your nominations, you must include;


 Your full name

 Your nominations full name

  Your nominations email address and/or phone number

Your reason for nominating 


We want to help someone who may not be in a financial position to take swimming lessons, someone who gives their all to everyone else and puts themselves last, someone who has fallen on hard times and needs something to make them smile… Whatever it may be, we want to give a child the opportunity to learn with us here, at Glovers Swim School. 


To help us spread the word, our super venue, Delta Hotels by The Marriott Preston have kindly donated a voucher, for one of our followers, who tags a friend in this post and shares it far and wide! Help us find the perfect family to grant this wish for! 

All nominations must be sent to by Friday 17th December 2023.



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