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                             Equality Statement and Objectives 2020-21     



Equality Statement
We are proud to be the first school in Lancashire to achieve all six Equality Badges and the Equality Mark and we are committed to maintaining our excellent practice. Astley Park School seeks to provide Equality of Opportunity of all members for the school community whatever their disability, age, gender, race, nationality, religion, marital status, maternity, sexual orientation or background. We recognise that people have different needs and treating them equally does not always mean treating them the same. We recognise that some members of the school community will need additional support to enable them to fully access school services. We strive to challenge discrimination and prejudice of all levels in the school community. We are working towards reaccreditation of the Lancashire County Council Equality Mark and having successfully achieving all the 6 Equality badges, these being Race, Gender, SocioEconomic, Disability, Sexual Orientation and Religion and Belief.
Specific Duties

We have two specific duties outlined within the Equality Act, 2010:

    • To publish information to demonstrate our compliance with the general duty to promote equality.   

    • To prepare and publish one or more equality objectives. We have therefore prepared this document to show what we do to promote equality of            opportunity and highlight the equality objectives we have prepared.

School Objectives 2019-20 Evaluation

OBJECTIVE 1: To purchase new resources representing different ethnicities to improve engagement within the explorers and adventurers pathways.

OBJECTIVE 2: To determine strand lead champions for the six different badges within the Equality Mark.

OBJECTIVE 3: To provide all learners will religious festivals representative of current religions celebrated amongst our current cohort.

School objectives 2019-20

Objective 1: To further enhance links with religious organisations in the local community.                 


Objective 2: To review the delivery of RSE in line with recent government guidance.


Objective 3: To share outstanding practice with other schools.


Annual Equality Information 2020-21

Pupils on Role




60 61



17 34

Special Educational Needs


Specific Learning Difficulty 5
Moderate Learning Difficulty 25
Severe Learning Difficulty 20
Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties 0
Social, Emotional and Mental Health 7
Speech, Language and Communication Needs 31
Multi-Sensory Impairment 1
Hearing Impairment 3
Vision Impairment 1
Physical Disability 15
Autistic Spectrum Disorder 62
SEN support - No Specialist Assessment 0
Other Difficulty / Disorder 2
Free School Meals Primary Secondary
  18 28
Pupils First Language Arabic 1
English 165
Gujarati 1
Hungarian 1
Pashto 2
Polish 1
Urdu 1
Ethnicity Indian 1 - 58%
  Pakistani 3 - 1.75%
White and Black Caribbean 4 - 2.34%
Any Other Mixed Background 3 - 1.75%
Any Other White Background 3 - 1.75%
White British 156 - 91.2%
White and Black African 1 - 0.58%
Non-Disclosed 2 - 1.17%
Religion Christian 74 – 43.47%
Hindu 1 - 0.58%
Mormon 1 – 0.57%
Muslim 4 – 2.34%
No Religion 54 – 31.58%
Other Religion 5 – 2.92%
Roman Catholic 24 – 14.04%
Non-Disclosed 8 – 4.68%
Children Looked After (CLA Children) 5
Service Children 1
(PLAA) 10
Review Process
The Deputy Head teacher Mrs Kailey Clegg, Leading Practitioner Mrs Crouch, Equality Champions Miss Alice Curry, Miss Beth Riley, Miss Rachael Cross and Miss Lauren Hendy and Nominated Governor for Equality Mick Maher have specific responsibility for equality issues within school. The Leadership Team and Governors at Astley Park School regularly review the progress we are making towards meeting our equality objectives and a report is presented termly to governors via nominated governor report and Head teacher report regards progress towards achieving our objectives.


2020-21 Equality Statement

Single Equalities Policy

British Values

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