Leading Parent Partnership Award LPPA

Astley Park School are currently working towards maintaining our LPPA accredited status. If you would like any further information please contact Mrs Williams.  


LPPA Statement of Commitment 2024

Letter to parents/carers 2024


In May 2021, Astley Park School were visited and maintained their LPPA accredited status.

We are proud to announce that we maintained this nationally recognised award which has helped us to improve our strategies to engage parents and carer's more fully in every child's learning experience and is recognition of our commitment to working with parents and carers.

One of the principle criteria of the award is the promotion of, and participation in, life long learning within the school for parents and carers. It is vital that parents and carers understand and support their child's learning and development.


What is the LPPA and framework?

What are the Benefits of Achieving this Award?

The LPPA award is a very thorough but rewarding process. The assessor acknowledged that Astley Park School has a ‘high strategic whole school approach for involving parents in the life of the school’ and Astley Park School listen to parents through a range of consultations using different methods.

Areas of strength

  • Astley Park School uses LPPA very thoughtfully to continue to offer sustainable parental engagement with a clear strategic plan.
  • General communication with parents is open and honest and all routes of communication oare really appreciated.
  • Parents are well informed of their child’s progress using an array of means.
  • Astley Park School offers various opportunities to engage informally with other parents such as the ‘Chill and Chat’ events.


Impact of the award

Increased our reflective practise in terms of parental engagement.

Continually using feedback to amend our approach to supporting parents

Two Way communication has given staff further insight into our children’s home life and this has enabled us to further incorporate their interests into the school.

Astley Park School are proud of our relationships with parents and carers. We want our families to feel supported, engage with us and continue to work in partnership with our staff.

Many thanks to all the parents and carers who continue to support the school and their children whilst they attend Astley Park School.


LPPA Co-ordinator

Mrs Williams

LPPA Working Group

Miss Wells

Mrs Monk

Mr Welsh 


If you would like any more information about the LPPA or to get involved please contact Mrs Williams on williamsd@astleypark.lancs.sch.uk

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