Here at Astley Park School we are happy to be able to offer a range of placements and volunteering opportunities to enhance our community and provide further opportunities to support others.



At Astley Park School we are happy to offer a wide range of placement opportunities for students.

We believe that meeting new people is beneficial to our pupils, and we enjoy being able to offer you the privilege of working with our children and staff in our supportive and friendly environment.

We are always interested in the new ideas that students bring with them and in turn we are able to help develop your understanding of children with special educational needs.

Whether training to be a social worker, teaching assistant or teacher etc you can develop the knowledge and skills required to make a difference in your future career opportunities.

Many of our teachers have vast experience supporting students on a wide range of placements and use this to help them to develop their skills even further.

All students on placement are required to demonstrate that they have a valid DBS, have looked around the school setting and passed their pre-interview.

Activities on placement can include any of the following (we are also open to different requests for individuals):

  • Pupil shadowing
  • Staff shadowing
  • Supporting in a single class
  • Day experiences in classes/key stages in school
  • Supporting interventions
  • Supporting pupils on visits

Volunteering at Astley Park School

We are happy to provide volunteering at Astley Park School and offer opportunities to specialise your experience in our setting to provide you with the skills and values required to support our pupils. We are happy to work alongside you when volunteering and can offer set days, hours, this will be agreed in your pre-interview.

There is a pre-interview process and DBS clearance is required, at your own expense.

If you would be interested in a voluntary placement please fill in the Microsoft form below and a member of staff will get back to you at the earliest opportunity.


Placement/Volunteering Enquiry Form - CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE


Astley Park CP and Safeguarding Policy September 2023

Astley Park Dress Code Policy

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