We will share information for pupils learning from home in this section.

Learning from Home Resources

The documents shared below aim to support our pupils when Learning from Home. 

Please read our 'Learning from Home Package' document for some Learning from Home options and where these can be accessed.

Information and resources for supporting your child at home will be shared regularly via:

Please ensure that you regularly check the channels of communication detailed above for the most up to date Learning from Home information and resources.

Your child's teacher will be happy to support you with any Learning from Home matters.

Paper copies and physical resources can be provided for those without internet access.


Learning From Home Documents


YouTube Video Supporting Resources

Communication Resources

These resources can support your child's use and understanding of language when used in conjunction with their Communication Profile.

Learning from Home - You Tube Channel

Check out our dedicated Learning from Home YouTube Channel for the latest videos from the Astley Park team.