10 Dec 2019

This week 8G have started to make lots of Christmas crafts ready to send home for the holidays.

Yesterday we ripped up lots of pieces of tissue paper and laid it out onto a laminating pouch. We then sprinkled some glitter on it and Miss Aindow took them to magically turn them into colourful pieces of plastic. We then made them into different shapes ready to hang on our trees at home.

Today we have made some snow globes with a secret twist and we can't wait to take them home at Christmas!!

Christmas Crafts

Posted by Miss S Heaton

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8G Class, 2019-20

Brett Greenwood
10 December 2019

Bravo team Bravo ????????????????????????

Julia Hitchen
10 December 2019

Thank you so much for the lovely Christmas craft photographs. Everyone has been working so hard. Well done 8G!

11 December 2019

Terrific work.
Looking forward to seeing all the lovely sparkling xmas crafts you have made.

Julia Hitchen
13 December 2019

Wow! Well done 8G, the Christmas crafts are lovely. You have all worked so hard.

Julia Hitchen
19 December 2019

Wow! 8G have been working so hard. The Christmas crafts look fantastic and I can’t wait to see the festive treats that the children have made. Well done everyone!

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