11G Autumn Week 12

1 Dec 2023
Image of 11G Autumn Week 12

Happy 1st December, we have some very excited members of 11G now that it is finally December!

Mr Welsh has very kindly bought us a chocolate advent calendar and we have our own stocking calendar up in the corner of class.

Mrs Fisher has been out of class a lot this week due to review…

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8P Busy time 1/12/23

1 Dec 2023
Image of 8P Busy time 1/12/23

We have had another busy week in 8P, filled with lots of different activities. 

We  had a very enjoyable afternoon during sharing our learning where we spent time doing lots of fun activities with our parents.  
All of our parents were very impressed with our learning skills, and joined in…

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Busy few days in Rowan Class

1 Dec 2023
Image of Busy few days in Rowan Class

We have enjoyed a busy few days in Rowan Class.

In Me and My Body we have enjoyed, swimming, games, bikes and scooters and lots of sensory regulation.

We continue to work hard with our numbers, enjoying number songs, counting objects and adding objects. We have shown lots of great skill with…

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Dinosaurs in Beech

1 Dec 2023
Image of Dinosaurs in Beech

This week Beech class have had lots of fun exploring Dinosaurs!

We’ve played with lots of dinosaur toys this week - we’ve counted them, “roared” like them, and explored sand trays with them. 

In Attention Autism, Mrs Barrand made a handprint dinosaur and stomped dinosaurs through a paint…

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Pizza making in 8A

1 Dec 2023
Image of Pizza making in 8A

So, we thought we would do something a little bit different this week in our food technology activity.

In the morning we got the learners to design their own pizza.

We gave the learners the choice of putting on their tortilla, tomato and cheese base the toppings of either ham ,chicken or…

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9A Week 5 - Term 2

27 Nov 2023
Image of 9A Week 5 - Term 2

Our week in learners own words. 

On Monday morning we did Maths, some of us did adding and doubling then we did some work on education city. After we did my communication. We made some birthday cards for Billy who will be 108 years old. In the afternoon we did understanding the world and we…

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10A Celebrate their friends

24 Nov 2023
Image of 10A Celebrate their friends

This week we made our very own friendship jars, we each chose how to individually create our jars and how we would decorate them.

We then wrote each other a friendship note, this gave us the chance to tell our friends in 10A why we are grateful for them and what that meant to us. We had some…

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