Astley Parks Puddle Jumping Championship!

22 Oct 2020

Hi everybody! 

I’m sure we are all looking forward to half term and having some time to relax.

I have found something fun for everybody to have a go at. Pupils, families and staff can all join in this!

Normally it would be the world puddle jumping championships in half term but…

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11G classroom fun 17/10/20

17 Oct 2020

11G have enjoyed another busy week in class, full of fun learning activities. 

To fall in with our Halloween theme we have been watching the first two Harry Potter films and then discussing and describing the different characters and settings whilst learning to use  lots of fantastic…

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Rowan class - Autumn fun

16 Oct 2020

Rowan class have had a super week! This week in my creativity they did super team work with a peer and created beautiful autumn trees. They dabbed ear buds in red, brown and yellow paint and added autumn leaves to the trees. Great team work Rowan class! And on Thursday we started our Halloween…

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Sycamore: Learning About Our Body

16 Oct 2020

Sycamore have had a very busy week continuing their learning in their ‘All About Me’ topic. We have continued to learn about our new classroom and friends, talking about our likes and dislikes and thinking about what we have in common too. 


This week our learning has had a bigger focus on…

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Beech class building self confidence

16 Oct 2020

The children in Beech class have been building their self confidence in exploring the class room this week. We have continued our work all about bears and our sensory regulation. We have loved singing lots of rhymes and watched Mrs Barrand mix some porridge in our "what's in the box" sessions. A…

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Maple Class Autumn 1 Week 7

16 Oct 2020

Maple class have been very busy this week, learning about all things Autumn. We have been counting carrots in hay, painting trees, and decorating squirrels. We have also been outside for nature walks and enjoyed some Autumn dancing and singing. Well done all!

Mrs Down, Miss Melling and the…

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9R Autumn 1 Week 7

16 Oct 2020

9R have a had a great week. They have created some great puppet shows on the iPad, and made happiness jars. On Wednesday they received an email asking them to manufacture a toy from the past and create an advert for the present. During Art and Creativity we looked at the work of Andy Warhol, and…

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7A Build strong spaghetti towers and even stronger friendships

16 Oct 2020

This week 7A worked on a spaghetti challenge in pairs. They had ten minutes to see who could build the tallest tower using spaghetti and playdough. Jake and Megan won the challenge and we discussed the team work skills they used to support winning the challenge such as good talking, helping each…

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