7A Building friendships at Legoland.

7 Oct 2022

7A went to Legoland in Manchester this week. We have been looking forward to it allllllll week and it didn’t disappoint!

When we arrived we had to queue up, while queuing up we saw some of what was to come, Hagrid, Darth Vader and tubes full of Lego. 
7A then got into the lift, which was very…

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Bubbles, Balloons & Ice-Cream In Beech Class

6 Oct 2022

The weeks are flying by in Beech Class!!

This week there has been bubbles, balloons, jelly, tea parties, and much more. 
Today we have all had a go at making our own ice-cream cones. We picked a cone, scooped out the chilly ice-cream and placed it into our cone. We then made it colourful with…

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Exploring Our 5 Senses In Beech Class

2 Oct 2022

Week 4 in Beech class has been a busy one!!

We have been exploring all of our 5 senses again through different activities. 

We had a go at looking through all different coloured cellophane. We enjoyed how colourful everything became and even took them outside to look at the trees. 

We did…

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Week 4 of Autumn Term in 10G

30 Sep 2022

Can you believe we are more than half way through this half term?! We feel like time is flying by at the moment!

Here we are at the end of another fantastic week in 10G.

Thank you to everyone who attended parent’s evening appointments this week, Mrs Fisher has a few more to catch up on next…

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Newman College 2022

  30 September 2022

What an amazing day.


 We caught a taxi to Newman College for our visit today.

On arrival we met a member of staff. She took us to look at lots of different parts of the college. We saw lots of different rooms.

To get to some of the rooms we had to cross over a road as they were in…

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Week 4 in 11G

30 Sep 2022

We’ve been very busy this week in 11G. On Monday we celebrated Charlie’s16th birthday, we sang to him and had a chocolate caterpillar cake. 
On Tuesday we talked about personal hygiene and the importance of keeping our mouths and teeth clean and healthy. We all brushed our teeth with our own…

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Week 4 in Rowan Class

30 Sep 2022

We have had another lovely week learning about the Jungle in Rowan Class.

We enjoyed a ssssssssuper snake What's in the Box and made our very own snakes, using brilliant communication to request different parts.

In cooking we have made angel delight with banana - working hard on our chopping…

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Week 4 in 8P

30 Sep 2022

This week in 8P we have had a spinning time with lots of fun. 
We have played shop, learning money and communication skills together. The shop soon turned into a shop run by a super hero charging over 100 pounds for a pair of gloves.

We continued with our topic of The weather, having daily…

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