21 May 2020

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Lock down has been a worrying time for many of us and it is hard for some who are working and home schooling to keep an eye on what our children are doing online. It is important that we all stay connected and that is the same for our children but here is some 'food for thought' of what you can look out for as a simple guide to keeping your child safe online. 


The main thing we can do is openly and fully communicate with each other


Behvaiour - Sharing too much information  

Be open and honest about online activities.

Consider as a family what personal information is.

Check social media privacy settings together


Content - Age appropriate, unreliable content or fake news

Explore apps together and be familiar with apps your child uses

Discuss what fake news looks like and the dangers of this - you tube have some good examples of these

Monitor your child’s usage.

Talk to your child about things they came across whilst online.

Talk about issues that are worrying your child.

Report or block any pages that are spreading content which is upsetting or inappropriate material. (This is often through the CEOP button located on the web page).


Content - strangers bullies, groomers or radicalisers

Talk to your child about who a stranger is

Discuss what a friend is

Encourage your child to go through their contacts and remove any unknown contacts.

Encourage more family time and activities so that your child does not feel isolated 

Monitor time spent on social media


Commercialism and financial exploitation - hidden costs of advertising in apps, games and websites.

Block pop ups and spam emails on all devices in the home

Consider using one family email account to enter into online forms.

Talk to your child about keeping personal information private.


Extremism and radicalisation - When people has a hatred towards a community based on prejudice.

Talk to your child about their worries.

Discuss with your child what reliable sources are and looking at factual information. 

Get your child to teach you about the apps they use.

Report any inappropriate material. 


The above are just some ways in which you can further support your child online. I have attached a few more images for you to consider and direct you to additional resources.


To see this document in full please visit the Online Safety section of the school website 


If you have any questions or need any additional support in accessing this material please do not hesitate to contact school

Stay safe 

Mrs Tolan

Online Safety Parental Guidance

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