15 Sep 2021

Fantastic weather once again for our adventures on the lake. We began the day rafting all the way across the lake to Lever Park. We walked through the woods and visited Liverpool Castle. The students had an impromptu game of sardines within the ruined castle; we made hot chocolate over a camping stove, before we returned to the beached rafts and were towed back to the centre by the power boat. On our return we met Jamie who joined us today. After another lovely lunch, we returned to the water and enjoyed learning how to use single stand up paddle boards...it is trickier than it looks. Mrs Mahood and Mrs Woods soon mastered the skills and showed us all how to do it; Amelia in particular made it look so easy. It did not take long for the mayhem to return and the students had a great time playing king of the castle on the XL boards - most of them spent more time in the water than on the board!! Mahoosive well done to Dylan on taking the plunge today!!!

Tonight the students are taking part in some orienteering, a trip on the lake in the power boat and practising their map reading skills in readiness for our expedition to The Pike tomorrow.

Class 11R Team


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