6 May 2022

We’ve had another busy week at the circus! This week we’ve enjoyed making some clown hats with lots of different textures and materials. 
We also made a delicious clown cake, we all took turns to make the mixture and decorate the cake. We then had the cake for snack and we all gave it a big thumbs up!

This week we have also made our own purses and wallets to go to our snack shop. We took a trip to Ms Carters cafe and Miss Bibbys bistro. We used our money to buy our snack and we all did really well! We then used our chatter mats to have a conversation with our friends and make cafe conversation! 

Well done 9G, have a lovely weekend and we look forward to another fun week at the 9G Circus! 


Posted by Ms D Carter

Category: 9G