10 Jun 2022

We have had a fun-filled, brilliant week full of positive attitudes towards learning. Starting at the beginning of the week we have created our own workbooks to keep all our fantastic work in, we spoke about the importance of reflecting on your work and being proud of what you have done.

Our class has worked very well to improve on their counting skills this week using counters, objects and money, one learner was able to count up to 100! 
We have had a building contest this week which proved how good 9G was when working together as a team, they built impressive houses then had to try and sell it to the teacher, the winner was Reece because his house had a swimming pool.

During this week we have continued to explore the human body and talked about private parts, although some words might have been a little rude, 9G worked so hard and showed maturity throughout, we were very proud of they’re behaviour and attitude. 
So overall a fantastic week, lots of amazing learning and achievements! Well done 9G for being you! 

Mrs Neal


Posted by Ms D Carter

Category: 9G