Even though it’s been short, 10R have had a jam-packed week!

on Wednesday in the morning we had some maths assessments to do, and in the afternoon we had our PE lessons where we learnt what a compass was and how to use one. We learnt about how to find the other directions once you have found north and completed some activities outside using the compasses.

On Thursday we were out in the community in the morning, using our new compass skills and a map to find out which direction various places around Chorley were, e.g. seeing our to get from Chorley Market to St. George’s Church. We marked the directions on the map and each group compared them to see if we managed to get the same results. In the afternoon we learnt all about the Coronation and what it meant. We watched a video of the Queen’s coronation in 1953 and then had a look at the Crown Jewels that are going to be used on Saturday.

On Friday, it was time for our first visit to Newman College! We were joined by some learners from 10G and we left first thing. When we got there we were taken on a tour of the college and then we did a virtual scavenger hunt where we had to follow clues and take pictures of various places and people around the college. It was really interesting and we all want to say a massive thank you to Steph and Julie who showed us round and answered our questions!

In the afternoon, we had golden time and our star of the week this was Ruby for some brilliant work in Maths!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy your bank holiday!

Mrs Powell, Mrs Woods and Miss Carter.