15 Jan 2020

For World Religion Week 7G are learning about Sikhism! 

We started our learning about the religion by looking at their place of Worship called a Gurdwara. We watched a short video clip of a little girl showing us what happens there. 

There was some good remembering from the video: Harry was able to tell us that we have to take our shoes off when we go into the Gurdwara, Jacob knew that you need to cover your head and Clayton knew that it is where we go and pray. 

We then looked at some of the items you may find in a Gurdwara. We waved the Chura that shows respect to the holy book - the Guru Granth Sahib. Everyone had a look at the symbol of Sikhism which was gold and shiny. 

Ambar and Tyler tried really hard to cover the head of our Sikh doll ready for going into the Gurdwara. Josh showed respect by bowing and touching his head to the floor. 

We also found out that in a Gurdwara they have a meal called Langar. This is to help support people who may not have a lot of money to get a meal every day. A Langar meal is free to anyone who comes to worship in the Gurdwara. So we had our own Langar as part of snack time. Some children were very brave trying some new foods they hadn’t had before. It was very yummy! 

7G learn about Gurdwaras!

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