Jeans for Genes day 2022

25 Sep 2022

On Friday children and staff were invited to wear jeans or blue clothing to help raise money for the genetic condition community. Classes all across school engaged in ways meaningful to them, from Jean based crafts and sensory stories in Maple class, to circle time discussions and iPad collages in…

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Maple Score!

15 Jul 2022

Maple had the best morning down at Westway! We are all very proud of how well the boys represented Astley Park. The class attended the Chorley Schools Sports Partnership Football Festival. All the boys actively participated in a penalty shoot out against an FA representative. George was the top…

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10G Celebrate Rainbow Week

17 Jun 2022

This week at Astley Park School we have celebrated Rainbow Week, as part of Pride month. We have been talking about how we are all different which makes us all special. We enjoyed learning about families and how they can all be different, but still equally as wonderful. 

As part of the…

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Rainbow week in 9G

17 Jun 2022


This week at Astley Park School it is “ Rainbow Week”. 

Each class at Astley Park has been looking at our different families, the people we live with and how we are all different and proud to be who we are! 


In 9G, we looked at what makes all kinds of different families. 


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Celebrating LGBTQ+ with 11G

17 Jun 2022

All of us in 11G are very good at accepting that every person is unique and special!

This week we have been concentrating and learning all about LGBTQ+ and celebrating diversity and the fact that everyone is different and together we all create a rainbow! 
We have found out lots of…

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Beech class rainbow week

17 Jun 2022

In honour of our whole school Rainbow day celebrations, Beech have been exploring all things Rainbow this week! In our Attention Autism sessions, we have explored a different colour everyday using coloured water, foods, and other sensory mediums. 

In preparation for Friday’s Rainbow day parade,…

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Chestnut Class Rainbow Week

17 Jun 2022

Chestnut class have had a very colourful week as we have enjoyed lots of Rainbow themed activities as part of our Rainbow Day celebrations! We have enjoyed sharing photos of our families and finding them in the tuff tray. During Attention Autism sessions we have enjoyed creating our own flag for…

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Maple Rainbow Week

16 Jun 2022

This week we have focused on rainbows. We enjoyed a story all about families, explored in colour themed tuff trays and attended attention autism. We very much enjoyed creating rainbows with skittles and paint. We wore red on Friday and some of us attended the colour parade on the track and helped…

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