26 Apr

11G Summer Week 2

Happy Friday! We have had a very busy week this week in 11G and as of today we have less than 50 days of 11G left!

On Monday morning Mrs Cobham was needed to cover in 9P next door, so Miss Snailham very kindly offered to come into school for an extra day to cover for Mrs Cobham. We all went to…

26 Apr

The Last Term in 11R!

11R have had a very busy start to their last term at Astley Park!

Last week we carried on with our ASDAN unit on Environmental Awareness, where we have been looking after the beds at the front of school and collecting the recycling from the other classes and throwing in our large bins ready for…

26 Apr

Willow Class learn about Passover

This week Willow class learnt about Passover. First the class listened to a story about Passover. Willow class then did different activities about Passover. These included, comprehension activities, I Spy and making Passover cards. 

Willow class have also been swimming, made sandwiches and…

24 Apr

Celebrating Passover in 9P

We had a lovely afternoon celebrating the Jewish festival of Passover- we watched a power point about this important event in the Jewish Faith.
We learned that the Jewish people had a party which lasted 7 or 8 days.

We learned lots of new words- and were all very interested in the Seder…

22 Apr

7A – Summer 1 – Week 1

Welcome back 7A!

Last week 7A jumped back into routine and explored what we are learning about over the summer term. 7A, 8A and 9A are all learning under the theme of ‘Welcome to Hogwarts’ and have been spilt into the Hogwarts houses, earning points for their house (at the end of the term the…

21 Apr

Summer 1, week 1 in 7P

Well what a fabulous first week back in 7P this week, and what a busy week we’ve had…

This week we have welcomed our new TA, Mrs Pope. We have really enjoyed getting to know her, and showing her what an amazing class 7P are! Welcome Mrs Pope, we are so excited to have you!!

This week we have…

19 Apr

11G First Week Back of our Last Ever Term!

Welcome back to our final term for 11G at Astley Park School! How crazy does that sound?! We hope that everyone had a lovely Easter break. We are all raring to go for our last term. 


On Monday morning we welcomed everyone back to class. As I mentioned in my email before we came back, the…

19 Apr

Spring Term - 7A

Wow, Spring Term flew by for 7A!

During the Spring Term, we did lots of fantastic learning - working on our functional life skills, our Aspirational Learning Goals and our Curriculum Learning Goals.

In My Communication based lessons, we learnt about Acrostic Poems in Spring 1 and Postcards…

22 Mar

Odd socks in 8A

On Thursday 8A participated in looking through a PowerPoint all about Down Syndrome. 

8A identified that we had two learners in class that have Down Syndrome. 

The PowerPoint explained that people are born with Down Syndrome because they are born with different cells. This is ok. This is…

22 Mar

Odd Socks

7P have had another lovely week. Part of this week was learning about World Down Syndrome day. 

7P spoke about what this means and how just because someone has Down Syndrome they can do the same things that we can. We are all unique and special and that is okay. 

We explored this…

22 Mar

Chestnut Class celebrate World Down Syndrome Day

On Thursday 21st March Chestnut Class celebrated World Down Syndrome Day. The theme this year is # End the Stereotypes. The day is represented by lots of socks because chromosomes look like socks!  We wore brightly coloured socks or odd socks, designed socks using the primary colours and balloons…

15 Mar

8A looking at Neurodiversity

Celebrating Neurodiversity in 8A


This week 8A has been looking at Neurodiversity and celebrating “Different Minds” and that it’s good to be different. We are all different!

8A played a small game of bingo. The cards had different types of people’s hair.


Miss Robertson then…