17 Jan 2020

As part of our Doctor, Doctor! topic, the G classes are learning more about how to keep healthy and the importance of this.

8G and 7G decided to team up for a change and to do a PE lesson together.

We started off with our daily mile where we walked around the bike track. It was lovely to see the classes mixing so well together and lots of chatting and laughing going on as we walked.

Then we all came back inside school and went into the hall.

The warm up was now complete and it was time for the main event- Joe Wicks' school workout!

We followed 2 of Joe's 5 minute work outs and boy, did they give us a good work out!!

We marched, squatted, did star jumps, ran on the spot and punched the air.

It was hard work but everyone kept each other going by cheering each other on- great teamwork!

To finish for a cool down, we watched a yoga video on YouTube that slowed our engines right down ready to go back to class.

We hope all the pupils enjoyed themselves as much as the staff did and there weren't too many aching muscles on Friday!

Mrs Fisher, Miss Hendy, Mrs England, Mrs Mahood, Miss McPartlin

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Brett Greenwood
20 January 2020

Well done x

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