22 Jan 2020

Last week in celebration of World Religion Week, Oak got busy learning about Judaism ✡️.

On Monday, Miss Curry read ‘The Creation Story’ in our class assembly and we all said what we could see in the pictures. 

On Tuesday, we learnt that Jewish people worship God in a Synagogue, like Christians worship God in a Church. We then spoke about how Synagogues are decorated with stained glass windows that tell different religious, Jewish  stories. In the afternoon we got busy in the food tech room making our very own stained glass window cookies. We then used iPads to set timers so we knew how long they had been in the oven and when we needed to check them.

On Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, we got busy learning more about the Creation Story with Miss Cross and Mrs Taylor and learnt about the Hanukkah candle with Miss Woods. Later we made our own hand print Hanukkah candles and retold the Creation Story using props.

Just look at how much fun we have had.. 

Oak - World Religion Week 2020


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