15 Oct 2021

My Communication 

We have continued looking at being a good friend in 9G. We spoke about what a compliment was. It was nice to hear some of the pupils complimenting each other. 


We have used the class iPads today, looking at days of the week. The class worked in small groups and used the Education City app to look at what comes before or after a stated day of the week,  and their understanding of yesterday and today was enhanced. Some of 9G also looked at putting the months into the right sequence.


Some of 9G have been sight reading. This is when they look at little or tricky words, read them, write them then try and remember how they are spelled by covering the word and rewriting them. 

Good work in this by Jacob, Eshan, Tyler and Harry. 


My Thinking and Problem Solving.

This week we have been looking at numbers that they are familiar with. On a white board, the class wrote down the date they were born, their ages, their house numbers and how many days there are in a week. We will be using their answers this week to help with number recognition.


My Creativity 

Mrs Mahood came into 9G on Wednesday morning. The class, in their nurture time, either coloured in spiders in different colours or used playdough to model little spiders. The class also painted some paper plates black, ready for Mrs Mahood’s My Creativity lesson. Good painting by Reece. 

After break it was My Creativity. The class used their freshly black painted plates and made 8 holes at the side, 4 at each side, using the hole punch. Pipe cleaners were then threaded through to make the spiders’ legs. We then discussed how many eyes spiders had. Some of the class thought it was just two eyes, and the others thought it was more so we googled it. Well done Jacob for getting it right, spiders have 8 eyes. 


My Community

A few children went swimming on Thursday afternoon. They did good front crawl and Eshan and Clayton were particularly amazing at putting their faces in the water. Mrs M also enjoyed herself as she was allowed in the water too. 


PHSE (Life Skills)

The class discussed different feelings and emotions. We looked at photos showing children displaying a range of emotions and the pupils had to comment on how they were feeling by the way they looked. 

The class then did a little activity on letting us know what things makes them happy, sad, worried, calm, frustrated, angry and relaxed. We had some great information from them….. lots of telly watching and playing with friends and toys for feeling happy, clam and relaxed. There were also some sad, frustrating and angry feelings when they were unable to do something they wanted to do. 


Continuing with emotions, 9G played bingo.  Miss Brophy called out a feeling. The class then had to look at six different photos and had to cross off which one looked like the emotion that had been called out. Miss Brophy also asked 9G to show her how they look when they felt either happy, sad, excited and angry, just naming a few. Good expressions by Katie and Joshua.

Well done Harry for recognising all six emotions and shouting out BINGO. 


9G also helped Miss Brophy to make a sandwich. 

Miss Brophy had all the ingredients to make a jam sandwich. The pupils had to give her step by step instructions by using full, descriptive sentences and doing good thinking on what to do next.

After the children made themselves a sandwich, with a choice of jam, ham or cheese. When they finished making their sandwich, 9G completed a worksheet on the sequence of making a sandwich.


Me and my body 

Our PE lesson was held in the school hall. We first did a warm up activity to get our bodies ready. We played the bean game. We had to act out a bake bean, runner bean, jumping bean and a french bean.

When all warmed up, we played “It” game. Two people stood in the middle of a circle. They both had a soft ball each. Everyone else slowly ran around them and the two people had to try and throw the soft ball at them. If the ball hit someone, it was their turn to stand in the middle. 

We checked our hearts and they were beating very fast, so we thought it was a good idea to do a cool down. We did some stretching exercises and then at the end sat on the floor and did some deep breathing. 

We all did good listening and followed instructions throughout our lesson!


Fridays Golden Time

Everyone had their full golden time on Friday. Some choose their iPads and others, including Mrs M did a bit of dressing up. 

Lovely way to end the week.


Wow moments

Well done Ty for reminding Miss Brophy to wash her hands before she starts making her sandwich. 



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