5 Nov 2021

7P have settled in very well after their half term holidays. It was great to talk about what they had all been up to and look at pictures too!

This week 7P have been learning about Diwali through My Thinking and Problem Solving and My Communication. Learners in 7P have shown that they can manipulate shapes to make different Rangoli patterns, communicate about a Diwali story using colourful semantics, practice their turn taking games using pairs and work on their addition skills using a variety of different diwali themed images. As well as this 7P did some Amazing work with their food tasting of some Indian food!

7P have also spoke about the meaning behind Bonfire night. 7P could already tell me that it was about Guy Fawkes trying to blow up the houses of parliament. We spoke about our different Bonfire Nights that we all partake in, and reminded each other about keeping safe around sparklers. 

7P have also had a lovely time making some elephant decorations with Mrs Mahood as part of their My Creativity sessions. 

Well done 7P!

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