14 Jan 2022

In class we have been having our breakfast in the “Cafe at The Astley”. Each person in our class has been given their own job role to fulfil within the cafe. We have various different roles including: waiter, cooks, washing up, drying up and cleaner. Everyone has worked really hard and has done amazing!

This week we have introduced the money work that we have been doing in Maths into our Cafe. We have been using real money to pay for our food and drinks within the Cafe. We have been using our counting skills to ensure that we have paid enough money for our breakfast. Mrs Linde, Mrs Bretherton, Miss McPartlin and Mr Stokes have all been very impressed with our hard work.

A Cafe Role Play area has been set up within the classroom and we have all enjoyed using this area. We have taken it in turns to be the cashier, the chef and the customer. We have used real money to pay whilst exploring the different food items within our Cafe. This area has been our favourite place to play this week.

We can’t wait to visit The Cafe at The Astley again next week for our breakfast, they serve the yummiest food!


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Tags: 10G Class Mathematics KS4 2021-22

15 January 2022

Hi class

Julia Hitchen
16 January 2022

The cafe looks brilliant 10G. Great work everyone!

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