2 Feb 2022

The Year of the Tiger in Sycamore 


Chinese New Year in Sycamore class, we looked at where china is, the population and what it is like in China. We discussed that there are different languages spoken in different parts of China. 


We then went on to look at Chinese New Year, we looked at how it is always in January or February, but the date changes due to the phases of the moon. We looked at how families prepare for Chinese New Year and what they do New Year’s Eve and day. 


From this we looked at how the second day of celebrations is believed to be the birthday of all dogs so dogs are treated with special food and how the final day is The Lantern Festival, which includes dragon and lion dancing parades in the street. In Sycamore we made our own Chinese New Year lanterns. We used coloured card to create our lantern and fully enjoyed making them. 


On Tuesday we learnt some how to say some Chinese words and phrases. We learnt how to say 

  • Hello- Nî hâo
  • Goodbye- Zài jiàn
  • Hello teacher- Lâoshi hâo
  • Thank-you- Xièxie
  • What is your name?- Nî jiào shènme
  • My name is….. - Wô jiào Yuèyue

And then used these communicating with our friends and teachers. 


What a wonderful week. Have a great weekend everyone!


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