18 Mar 2022

9Gs Busy Week.


Monday, we looked at Astley Park School Values, Kindness, Positivity, Respect, Honesty and Teamwork. We said that staff will be looking out for 9G doing any of our values this week.

9G then shared our weekend news. It was Lily’s birthday on Sunday she told us all about her birthday presents. Lily got some new clothes and some very posh puma white trainers. Jacob got a transformer dvd collection and watched them all. Harry watched football at old Trafford. Katie went to the Trafford centre with mum and dad and had KFC there. Clayton had a lovely weekend chilling at home. Tyler celebrated his step dads birthday. Ty told us he went to Blackpool zoo, and he saw lions, tigers and meerkats. Eshan played on his iPad and Joshua had a lovely walk in the woods. 


9G  again spoke about Personal hygiene. Miss Brophy spoke about keeping bodies clean regularly. 

9G were asked what they thought personal hygiene included. The class did some really good discussing about this. 9G mentioned ……

Brushing our teeth, using a tooth brush and tooth paste. This conversation went even further on to who had a electric tooth brush, mouth wash and flossing. 

Showering and bathing regularly. Miss Brophy spoke about the importance of washing regularly as 9G are getting older.

Using shampoo and conditioner to keep our hair clean.  Using soap or shower gel to wash our bodies daily. Washing our hands after using the toilet and before we eat and wearing clean clothes. 

The class then went into groups. One group looked at what we should wash everyday, like our faces and body. We looked at why we brush our teeth twice a day and why it’s important to look after your teeth. We talked about why we use deodorant and how it’s important to use it. 

Another group then looked at the sequence on how they have a shower by washing their hair and body, drying themselves  and then putting on clean clothes. 

Another group used soapy water and washed their hands.


On Thursday it was St Patrick Days and Miss Brophy brought in some ingredients to make a St Patrick’s Day Milkshake. 

The class had to follow a schedule which helped them to make their milkshake. 

9G had to firstly put milk in a cup and only fill it up to a line .

Then they had to add 2 scooped tablespoons of ice cream into the cup.

Next step was to add vanilla extract.

After that 9G added green food colouring. 

Finally, 9G had to mix everything together with a spoon.

Lovely way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day by drinking a green milkshake. 


On Friday it was Comic relief. We had lots and lots super hero’s. 9G didn’t let us down. We had not one but two Batman’s. We also had Super Broph, Captain Carter, Great Miss Grant, Powerful Patterson and Brilliant Bibby. 

9G entered a colouring competition colouring in their very own superhero. They also gave their super hero a name and a super power. 


Some members of 9G showed extreme kindness and respect to others when they weren’t feeling great. We are very proud of them!!


Hope you all have a great weekend


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