25 Mar 2022

On Monday it was odd sock day to celebrate Down syndrome. 

Miss Brophys lesson was about how everyone is different and this is ok. 

9G discussed all our different hair colours, our different skin colour, all our different pets and how we all have different family members we live with.

Some of the class and staff came in with odd socks on.

9G then designed their very own odd socks to enter in a school competition by Miss Heaton and Mrs Cobham as the judges. 

Congratulations to Clayton on being our class winner of a pair of novelty socks.


9G looked at internet safety. Everyone in 9G uses the internet in different ways. The class watched videos like YouTube and Tic Tok, play on games like Roblox’s , looking for information using Google and talking to friends. 

We spoke about stranger danger on the internet. We spoke about if someone started to talk to you online that you don’t know, should you start talking back to them. Staff had to explain that if you were out and about and a stranger came up to them and started to talk to them, would they. We were very happy that all 9G said no. Miss Brophy explained that being on line is the same … you don’t talk to people you don’t know. 


9G went on to list 5 ways to stay safe online. Some of their suggestions were 

Don’t tell anyone online your address, tell anyone your passwords or telephone numbers, don’t add a stranger to a game and don’t arrange to meet a stranger. 


9G looked at all the different seasons , and we concentrated on Spring.

We thought about all the different things we see in Spring like ducklings, leaves growing on trees, daffodils and that it’s Easter in Spring time.

The class then practiced their writing skills and describing words.

9G looked at some pictures of Spring time and had to write what they saw in the pictures. We had lambs in a field, a tree that was growing new leaves and a frog next to a pond. 


Friday was Miss Brophys last day being 9G’s Teacher before starting a new adventure in her new job.

We all have very mixed emotions. So, in 9G it was party day to celebrate Miss Brophy  being a brilliant teacher here at Astley Park. 9G had to describe Miss Brophy in one WOW word. We had beautiful, nice, kind, amazing, approachable and funny.

We played pass the parcel, football and frisbee. 

Miss Brophy brought in some nice snacks in for snack time too.

We will all miss Miss Brophy very much!!


I know you will join us in wishing Miss Brophy the very best in her new school.


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