18 May 2022

This week in 7A we have been learning the importance of looking after our bodies and how we can look after our friends. 

The children have been following on from last week with first aid training. This week we discussed and practiced the recovery position and the steps we need to take before putting a casualty into recovery position. The children also practiced what to do If the casualty isn’t breathing and how to start CPR. 

In My Communication this week we have been learning about Alfred the Great and the battle between the Anglo Saxons and the Vikings. The children created fact files after watching a short clip with information about Alfred and what he became famous for . They used a mind map to jot important facts and sentences down, then they were able to transfer this over to book creator to create a file of information using sentences and full stops. 

Following on from Alfred the Great, in Art and Creativity this week the children created their own Anglo Saxon village. As you can see the results are amazing!

We have been lucky this week with the weather and enjoyed PE outdoors. The children enjoyed throwing, catching and batting a ball. The children did so well we was able to fit in some ball games. 

The class displayed their independence skills creating their own sandwich and choosing the filling of their choice. Yum!

Later in the week the class looked at how their bodies will be changing as they go through puberty. The class were very grown up and listened well. They were then able to label body parts and describe the changes that will happen as they go through puberty. 

For mental health awareness the children enjoyed some relaxation and time out of class doing things they enjoy. The girls had a lovely afternoon with a chill, chat and pamper . They enjoyed having some time out of class doing hair, dancing ,and chatting to each other. Whilst the boys enjoyed some time outdoors on the bikes and having some extra space to run around and play football. 

During Maths and Problem Solving this week we have been building on our multiplication skills using arrays to help us. The children rolled a dice to give them a simple multiplication equation. The children used bunches to create an array to then work out the answer. 

What a week well done 7 A!

Mr Massey and the 7A team




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