6 Jun 2023

Well what a great way to get back into school life… a trip to Blackpool Zoo!

7A were very excited as we set off to sunny Blackpool. 

We arrived at the Zoo and it was very busy.

First stop was the penguins, on the way we saw a couple of the little monkeys, we loved seeing them jumping around and thought they were really funny, some had moustache’s, which made us laugh.

The penguin show was in the big pool but one had escaped into the smaller pool so we sat watching it swimming around on its back, it was loving the pool to itself, it was very calming to watch.

We then went via the orangutans to get our lunch. We all sat together having a lovely chat about what we had seen and what we wanted to see next.

After lunch we walked through the lemurs then the dinosaurs part. Some of us knew a lot of facts about dinosaurs, it was very impressive knowledge. What no one had realised was one of the dinosaurs spat water.. it came as a bit of a shock but then a challenge who could get the wettest!!! 

Elephants and giraffes were next, we enjoyed watching them amble along in the sunshine. 

Our last stop was the farm, we saw donkeys, pigs, llamas, and guinea pigs. The llama was quite amusing as it kept popping its head up and down over the wall.

7A then walked back to the bus and we set off back to school. 

Everyone had a fantastic day and were very tired, it was a very quiet ride back.


7A visit the zoo.

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