9G Road safety

20 May 2022

During this week 9G have completed activities to improve their road safety skills, this preparation helped them when they went to the shop at the end of the week. We focused on the three main things to remember and the teachers quizzed them throughout the week to see if they remembered - stop,…

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7P showing their independence and getting busy!

6 May 2022

7P have had an amazing couple of weeks

Last week we got back into the swing of things after residential, working on our team work skills during parachute games, walking Coco and we also did some circus yoga! 

This last week 7P have started their week by half of the group going on a…

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9G safari adventure

16 Mar 2022

9Gs wonderful Safari adventure.


So as you know, 9G were very lucky to be able to go to Knowsley Safari park today. 


We saw soooo many different animals! We managed to spot lots of deers, camels, donkeys, rhinos, wolves, tigers and we even got to see lots and lots of baboons! We…

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Willow class explore our local environment

10 Mar 2022

This week Willow Class went on our first walking trip to visit Astley Park. We have been learning all about our local environment, habitats and wildlife in class, especially looking at local birds during the big bird watch in February so it was time to put all our knowledge to the test! 

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February Holiday Heroes

17 Feb 2022

What a great couple of days we’ve had this week in our Holiday Heroes club!

On Tuesday, all our younger children went on a trip to a play centre - everyone had a great time climbing up and sliding down the play frame as well as exploring the toys, vehicles and role play. Then everyone sat…

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