Today we explored the Mormon celebration of Pioneer Day that is celebrated in Utah, America.  We learnt about Brigham Young, who in 1846, led like-minded people from New York, 2700 miles to Salt Lake City. They travelled pulling small wooden carts with their own belongings together with horses, cows, chicken and dogs; they took only what they could pull. Those that survived the perilous journey founded the Mormon faith and built a new community in this frontier land.  Learners used images , photographs and point of reference in the form of pioneer clothing to bring the story to life.  Learners considered how the Pioneers lived during their journey, walking 13 hours a day and living on only what they could hunt or fish for, together with only 57gs of flour per person per day!  Flour was made into gruel, soup and porridge. We learnt about the dangers faced by the Native Americans who did not want the pioneers to travel on their land and how the Pioneers had to hide to stay safe.

Learners also got the opportunity to dress up as Pioneers with clothing that were exact replicas of those that would have been worn at the time. 


Once the pioneers settled, the built new houses and cultivated the land.  Learners then cultivated potatoes to grow cress which we hope to watch germinate and grow over the coming week.