8P have had a fantastic week! 

On Monday, we did Bike Ability in the morning, Yoga just after lunch and Weekend News in the afternoon. 
On Tuesday, we did swimming and summer fair posters in the morning, and learnt about postcards that used words from our Phonics units in the afternoon. 
On Wednesday, we did our weekly differentiated Colourful Semantics activities and we learn about strangers, safe strangers and online safety again in the afternoon. 
On Thursday, we learnt our number bonds to 5 and 10. Then the children did their My Creativity lesson with Miss Troughton in the afternoon. 
On Friday, we did our measures length lesson, which included doing lots of practical activities linked to short and long, as well as tall and short. In the afternoon, we had golden time and then celebration assembly. Well done to our star of the week Jan, for consistently following his now and next. Well done to Charlotte, Ayah and Sian for their special mentions this week.

What a fantastic week! Have a great weekend, see you on Monday.
Miss Buck