17 May

8P Summer 1 Week 5 (2023-2024) - Bikeability, Yoga and more!

8P have had a fantastic week! 

On Monday, we did Bike Ability in the morning, Yoga just after lunch and Weekend News in the afternoon. 
On Tuesday, we did swimming and summer fair posters in the morning, and learnt about postcards that used words from our Phonics units in the afternoon. 

17 May

Week 5 in Chestnut Class

What a fantastic week in Chestnut Class!

This week learners have been accessing the community in small groups. Learners have visited Nuffield Health Centre for swim sessions learning to follow instructions in water and practising their dressing skills. Pupils have been to Astley Park with Mrs…

17 May

Around the World with 11G

In class, 11G enjoy using Earth Cam to look at different webcams around the world. We have travelled to Times Square in New York, Porthmeor Beach in Cornwall and a manatee cam in Florida where we’ve spotted sharks and lots of brightly coloured fish and lots of other places. But our favourite…

17 May

9A- Week 5- Summer 1


This week in 9A we have been looking at Character descriptions. We read a description of a character and then had to draw what we thought they looked like from the description. We had some brilliant interpretations and pictures. 
On  Monday we were lucky enough to have a special yoga…

17 May

8As Yoga and Bikeability

On Monday morning 8A participated in a 20 minute yoga session. We had a lovely lady called Tracey that came into school to take this yoga session. 

Firstly, we concentrated on our breathing and how our tummy moves when we do deep breathing, breathing in through our noses and out through our…

17 May

Animal homes in Beech

This week in Beech class we have explored different animal homes.

First, we explored ducks and frogs in the pond. We painted lily pads, sang “5 little frogs” and “5 little ducks”, and explored blue sand. 

On Tuesday, we explored Mrs Hen’s nest. We had lots of fun exploring eggs; we…

14 May

It’s good to be me in 11G

Over this half term in our learner led “good to be me” sessions we have been talking about “worries.” Through our group discussions we have realised that we all have worries and feel anxious sometimes and this is ok. We have talked about what worries us and some of us have very similar…

10 May

8P Summer 1 Week 4

8P have had a fantastic 4-day week this week! 

On Tuesday, we did our weekend news in the morning and learnt about postcards and zones in the afternoon. 
On Wednesday, we did our weekly differentiated Colourful Semantics activities and we learn about strangers, safe strangers and online safety…

10 May

8As Sorting Hats

This week in our Food Technology lesson, 8A made a sorting hat which we have all seen when we watched Harry Potter. 

The class followed a step by step instruction sheet and also followed Ms Cullen’s demonstration. 

The learners showed good listening and made super choices throughout the…

10 May

It's Bloomin' Marvellous in 11R!

This week we all had fun at Chorley in Bloom! We went to a different site than we usually do, and went to the community garden next to Chorley B&Q. We learnt that this is used by members of the community if they can't always afford vegetables and that a lot of people who may not have their own…

10 May

9A Summer Week 4

Another great week in 9A. The sunshine has finally made an appearance which has made us all feel so much better. We had a lovely visit to Withy Grove Park and enjoyed our lunches in the sunshine.We played on the park and some of us had a game of football before we went to the kiosk to buy some ice…

10 May

Nuffield Health Centre

After a short warmup activity with Ashley the group started their circuit of gym equipment. Ashley observed that the group have made great progress in both using the equipment and in the level of intensity. The sledge posed an excellent challenge and each member chose the additional weight they…