Teamwork at its best in 11G

27 Jun 2022

A day for amazing teamwork-we created our own pasta bake.

After we put the pasta on to cook- Alex M chopped the onion, Alex L the red pepper, Mason the redone and Calum the green one, Dylan chopped the courgette, Faith chopped the mushrooms, Hayden chopped the pepperoni and Amelia added…

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Celebrating LGBTQ+ with 11G

17 Jun 2022

All of us in 11G are very good at accepting that every person is unique and special!

This week we have been concentrating and learning all about LGBTQ+ and celebrating diversity and the fact that everyone is different and together we all create a rainbow! 
We have found out lots of…

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A Very Special Occasion in 11G

6 Jun 2022

After celebrating the Queens Jubilee over the last few days- we are all getting used to partying and today we carried on at school as our teacher -  Miss Robertson was celebrating her birthday- and a birthday isn’t a birthday without yummy chocolate cake!

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Celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in Style!

27 May 2022

Wow! What an absolutely fantastic day we have all had celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee at the Astley Park Funfair!! Pupils and staff have enjoyed a day full of excitement and nobody could keep a smile off their face when they walked into the school decorated in red, white and…

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Independent Travel in 11G

20 May 2022

What a task some of the pupils in 11G had this week- as part of our ASDAN accreditation- we had to undertake a journey independently (being shadowed by a member of staff.)

The journey that we decided was from school to our local Police Station, crossing several roads, keeping ourselves safe…

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Mental health week in 11g

13 May 2022

11g have had a fantastic week looking at our own mental health. We have been outside getting lots of fresh air, riding bikes. We helped out keeping our school clean and tidy. We where give a box of chocolate in appreciation for helping out. Which did our mental health the world of good…

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