7 Jun

Potion designing in 8A

On Wednesday, 8A did an exciting science lesson with Miss Robertson. Their target was to design their very own potion. 

Firstly 8A watched a clip from Harry Potter where the pupils from Hogwarts were making their own potions. 

8A then looked at different shaped potion bottles on their IPads…

24 May

Hunger Day and William Syndrome in 8A

This Tuesday Astley Park School looked at “World Hunger Day”. 

Some learners in school brought in non perishable food items to donate. Thank you. These items will be donated to the locate food bank that families use when they are in difficult times.  

8A was asked to write down on a white…

17 May

8As Yoga and Bikeability

On Monday morning 8A participated in a 20 minute yoga session. We had a lovely lady called Tracey that came into school to take this yoga session. 

Firstly, we concentrated on our breathing and how our tummy moves when we do deep breathing, breathing in through our noses and out through our…

10 May

8As Sorting Hats

This week in our Food Technology lesson, 8A made a sorting hat which we have all seen when we watched Harry Potter. 

The class followed a step by step instruction sheet and also followed Ms Cullen’s demonstration. 

The learners showed good listening and made super choices throughout the…

26 Apr

8A at the park

This Monday 8A took advantage of the dry weather and we walked to Devonshire RoadPlayground.

Whilst walking, we all concentrated on road safety and demonstrated good awareness of what we need to do to cross the road safely. 

When at the park, 8A showed fantastic turn taking with the…

28 Mar

Egg-citing Easter time in 8A

On Tuesday 8A did lots of egg-ercise when hunting for their eggs on their Easter egg hunt. They did an egg-cellent job when using their map work to search for their hidden egg. Using directions to help them they found all 11 egg faces. Then when they got back they got egg-xactly what they wanted-…

22 Mar

Odd socks in 8A

On Thursday 8A participated in looking through a PowerPoint all about Down Syndrome. 

8A identified that we had two learners in class that have Down Syndrome. 

The PowerPoint explained that people are born with Down Syndrome because they are born with different cells. This is ok. This is…

15 Mar

8A looking at Neurodiversity

Celebrating Neurodiversity in 8A


This week 8A has been looking at Neurodiversity and celebrating “Different Minds” and that it’s good to be different. We are all different!

8A played a small game of bingo. The cards had different types of people’s hair.


Miss Robertson then…

7 Mar

World book day in 8A

World book day in 8A


Thursday was World Book Day at Astley Park School and 8A joined in with the fun.

We had Black Panther, Harry Potter, Cat Women, Incredible Hulk, a Police person just naming a few. 

Even staff joined in. (Ms Carter was wearing her Captain Carter cape).



7 Mar

Careers Day in 8A

Careers week in 8A.


This week 8A learners have been looking at jobs people do. 

To start our careers discussion off, 8A participated in a game of jobs bingo. 

The bingo cards had lots of jobs that people do. There was a refuse collector, a doctor, a delivery person and many…

23 Feb

War Time Biscuits in 8A

This week in our food technology activity, 8A participated in making some war time biscuits.

These biscuits had the regular ingredients such as butter, sugar, flour and vanilla essence but there was an additional ingredient added……. Grated carrots.


We were all very unsure how these…

8 Feb

Miss McPartlin last day in 8A

Miss McPartlin’s last day in 8A


Today, 8A has said a farewell to Miss McPartlin as she is having a little rest before her baby arrives at the beginning of March. 8A has been reading a social story together all week to help us with understanding where Miss McPartlin will be after half…