6 Jun

Firefighters and police in Beech class

This half term, Beech class are exploring “people who help us”. 

We started the week by exploring firefighters. We sang “5 little firemen”, explored fire engines, and put out pretend fires with spray bottles. 

We also explored the police. We dressed up as policemen, completed jigsaw…

23 May

Beech class explore the zoo

As the finale to our “houses and homes” topic, this week we have explored zoo animals and their natural habitats.

First, we explored the artic. Mrs Barrand made magic snow and built an igloo for the polar bears.

Then, we explored the jungle. We explored had lots of fun exploring jungle…

17 May

Animal homes in Beech

This week in Beech class we have explored different animal homes.

First, we explored ducks and frogs in the pond. We painted lily pads, sang “5 little frogs” and “5 little ducks”, and explored blue sand. 

On Tuesday, we explored Mrs Hen’s nest. We had lots of fun exploring eggs; we…

10 May

Beech Class explore Homes and Habitats


This week Beech class have been exploring homes and habitats. 

In attention autism we watched Mrs Barrand make a bug house, spider webs and mud houses for the pigs! We have enjoyed making playdoh insects, decorating our own spider webs and had a turn at making our own houses for the…

2 May

Building and construction in Beech

This week we have been exploring building and construction!

We’ve explored building blocks, made houses out of recycled materials, and explored trucks and diggers. 

Some of us also dressed up as builders and explored tool toys.

Well done everyone!

26 Apr

And I’ll huff!… And I’ll puff!…

This week in Beech class we have continued exploring the story of the three little pigs.

We’ve rolled the pigs down a mud slide, painted hand print pigs, and used straws to huff, puff, and blow! We’ve also built brick houses and explored mud and straw trays.

On Thursday we enjoyed a lovely…

19 Apr

Three little pigs in Beech class

As part of our “houses and homes” topic, this week we have been exploring the three little pigs! 

In our Attention Autism sessions, Mrs Barrand has led us through the sensory story. She made the pigs’ houses from straw, sticks, and bricks, and then we huffed, puffed and blew them down! We’ve…

28 Mar

Beech class celebrate Easter

This week in Beech class we have been exploring lots of Easter activities!

We’ve matched coloured eggs together, painted Easter chicks, and decorated Easter eggs! 

Mrs Barrand demonstrated in Attention Autism how to make cornflake nest cakes. We then had a go ourselves and added mini eggs to…

22 Mar

Changes and growth in Beech class

This week in Beech class, we have enjoyed exploring our “changes and growth” topic. 

First, we focused on baby animals and matching them to their mummies.

On Tuesday, we played with the baby dolls. We gave them a bath, dressed them, and rocked them to sleep.

Next, we explored faces. We…

15 Mar

What’s the Weather in Beech Class?

This week Beech Class have been exploring the different types of weather. 

At the start of the week, we explored the rain. In attention autism, Mrs Barrand used an umbrella to protect herself from the different types of rain. We used sparkly glitter, hailstone rice and some of even got sprayed…

8 Mar

Jack and the Beanstalk in Beech

This week, Beech class have been exploring the story of Jack and the Beanstalk!

Throughout the week, Mrs Barrand has led us through a sensory story in our Attention Autism sessions. We’ve used wellies to make footprints up the beanstalk and dropped beans onto drums.

We’ve also enjoyed…

1 Mar

Beech class visit Ashurst Beacon

Beech class enjoyed a lovely trip to Ashurst Beacon country park on Thursday.

We walked along the woodland trail, splashed through a small stream, and even found a Gruffalo statue! We then stopped to enjoy our picnic lunch before playing on the play park. We had so much fun!

Throughout the…