19 Jul

9P We made it ! 19/7/24

Well, we have finally made it, and our summer break begin tomorrow.

It has been a wonderful year, full of learning, fun, challenges and different experiences. We are now ready to move up into year 10.

This week we have taken part in yoga lessons, just dance and played lots of learning…

12 Jul

9P week6 12/7/24

9P have enjoyed a lovely week, as it comes towards the end of the summer term. 

It was exciting to watch the builders prepare the ground in readiness for our new classrooms, and we are looking forward to seeing the classrooms in use once September arrives. 

We have been using learning games…

28 Jun

9P Summer term 28/6/24

9P have enjoyed a busy, and enjoyable week. 

One of our favourite activities during the week was going outside in the sunshine to watch some of our older pupils taking part in a colour run and obstacle course, to raise money for a good cause. 
This was great fun and it was lovely to have such…

21 Jun

9P Sports 21/6/24

A very busy, and enjoyable week for pupils and staff, as we took part in lots of different sports, including badminton, yoga, football and netball.  We were very lucky to have two sports coaches join us for some of the lessons, as well as an experienced yoga teacher.

Thankfully, the weather has…

14 Jun

9P Summer 2. Week 2.

What a lovely week it has been for staff and pupils of 9P. 

We have been celebrating our own version of Pride week with lots of discussions around families, awareness, acceptance and equality. We have used power points and colouring sheets to learn more about how we are all different, and how…

6 Jun

9P Gardening


9P had fun gardening in the poly tunnel. We were continuing to tidy up ready to start planting. We took advantage of the lovely sunshine!

22 May

9P looking at 3-D shapes


9P were looking at making 3-D shapes out of paper. They chose a shape, cut it out and glued the shape together.We looked at prisms, cubes, cones and cylinders.

21 May

9P World Hunger Day


9P were discussing World Hunger Day. They planned and drew examples of a healthy meal. 

17 May

9P working in the poly tunnel


9P were working in the poly tunnel today. They were weeding and tidying up in preparation for planting and gardening.

13 May

9P Yoga Class


9P had a yoga session this morning. As you can see from the pictures, it was very relaxing.

9 May

9P tidying up our school

9P went around the grounds of the school picking up litter. Now that the weather is improving, they wanted to have a nice place to all the school to play in.