4 Feb 2020

Today Willow Class navigated their way to Devonshire Recreational Ground Park practicing using directional language and spotting any features of towns which we had learnt about in our Understanding of the World lessons. Willow Class staff were very impressed with the children’s road safety skills and polite manners towards members of the public.

We have been looking at maps and directions in class, creating maps of our class and the geography of our school and grounds. The children used simple fieldwork and observational skills, looking at features of the park and taking photographs on the iPads to use to create a map of the park next lesson.

Then we all had a lovely time playing on the equipment together and giving the Astro turf football pitch a go!

Willow’s park trip

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Z Evans
6 February 2020

Looks like they had a lot of fun. Fab photos.

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