14 Feb 2020

Today we all came in different coloured clothes for Rainbow Day but we didn’t really understand why. We had a discussion about LGBT History Month and why it is important that we celebrate Rainbow Day. We learnt what LGBT stands for and what the words mean. We then played a circle time game, rolling the dice and answering questions about what the different letters stand for in LGBT and different family types. We understood that we celebrate LGBT History Month and Rainbow day because it is OK to love whoever you want to love and we should be kind to people no matter who they love. One learner said “the word gay is not an insult” and we talked about the word “gay” only being used to discuss a loving relationship. We found it really difficult to remember what all the words mean for different relationship types and sexual orientations so we will continue our discussions when we talk about families and relationships during all our lessons to help us become more familiar with the words. Everybody took a turn in the circle time game and we all listened to each other respectfully. Well done 7R!

7R Rainbow Day 2020

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