27 Mar 2020

Hello everyone! This isn’t my usual type of end of week blog this week as things are a little bit different this week!!


I’ll start by saying how much I am missing everyone in 8G. I hope you are all OK and are all making good choices at home. It has been really lovely to speak to Mum's and Dad's this week via email and hear what you’ve all been up to, and I've loved receiving photos and videos too.


I know lots of you are using Education City at home, this is great! Unfortunately, due to so many children up and down the country trying to log on and access all of the resources that Education City have to offer, this has meant it has been very slow or keeps crashing, or even it won’t allow you to login. Please keep trying with it, it might be worth trying to logon out of normal school hours (9-3), although I understand that this is not always possible.


Let’s have a look at what you’ve all been getting up to this week…


Ben has been playing lots of games on Education City which he is enjoying, as well as working on his 1:1 counting at him. Him and Mum have been working on a new number every day and watching Numbertime too. He has been reading too and answering questions about what he has read. Great work, Ben!


Charlie has been reading his sight-reading words, as well as practicing over-writing them. He’s also been doing some addition sums using his Numicon pack. Charlie has been enjoying playing in the garden and has been helping Mum with the gardening too. Keep up the good work, Charlie!

CW 8G Week 11


Daisy has also been enjoying playing games on Education City at home. She has done a “Signs of Spring” search around the garden with Mum and has been doing lots of jigsaws, played dominoes, and some threading too. Sounds you are having a lovely time at home, Daisy!

DH 8G Week 11


Francesca has been keeping busy by practicing her writing- brilliant! Mum has been printing sheets off Twinkl and Francesca has been practicing writing her numbers, letters and lots of words too. Francesca is loving playing games on Education City too! Super work, Francesca!

FF 8G Week 11


Harrison has been filling his time by watching lots of DVDs (with popcorn too!), playing with his trains and has even been making his own videos using the iPad! Very creative, Harrison- I can’t wait to see some of your videos!


Jake has been practicing his adding using the Numicon shapes, counting the number of holes very carefully and even writing his answer correctly. He has also been reading his sight-reading words, then doing some super over-writing using his whiteboard pen. Well done, Jake!

JP 8G Week 11


Nicola has been a superstar helping Mum and Dad around the house. She has been doing her schoolwork too, and said she wishes she was in school again. I love that you are helping out at home, Nicola!


Rose has been making the most of the lovely weather, she’s been playing in the garden and taking the dogs for a walk with Mum. She’s also been playing games on Education City, as well as some of the worksheets. Rose has been working on matching the Numicon shapes to the right number using her Numicon pack too. Excellent work, Rose!

RH 8G Week 11


Skye has been out in the garden and has even had a picnic in the sun! She’s been following the recipe for Butterfly Buns that we sent home last week and has baked some brilliant looking cakes, I bet they were delicious! Skye has been painting and washing the cars too. What a busy week, Skye!

SG 8G Week 11


Finally, who is going to be our Star of the Week???






It’s Jake!

As I mentioned before, Jake has been doing amazing Maths work at home with Mum, using the Numicon shapes to add 2 number together. Amazing work, Jake!


Thank you again to everyone who has spoken to me via email this week. For those who haven’t, I emailed I will be emailing you every Wednesday just to check in and see how you are all getting on. Also on a Wednesday, I will be posting a video on Evidence for Learning, as well as setting new tasks on Education City for those who are logging on.

Please remember I am only at the end of an email. If there is anything I can help with, just ask.


Keep safe and look after yourselves!


Mrs Fisher x

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Julia Hitchen
27 March 2020

Daisy really enjoyed seeing how busy all her friends have been this week. Everyone is working so hard. Daisy and I send everyone very best wishes.

Brett Greenwood
28 March 2020

Well done guys in these different times. You should all be very proud x

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