10 May 2020

Willow class have had a very busy week this week with lots of learning from home. Luckily for us, they have sent in some photos so let’s have a look!

Alfie has been working hard at home learning how to use the email app sending messages to his friends with help from Nana. Well done Alfie!

Grace has enjoyed lots of activities in school and even had a go at the skittles science experiment from school’s YouTube channel. Grace has enjoyed doing lots of fun exercises outdoors with Mrs James. Keep it up Grace!

Hasan has been working hard at home, enjoying his maths work adding numbers up to 100! Hasan has learnt to tell the time with his parents- amazing Hasan we are really impressed!

Jake has completed lots of work with mum this week, working hard on using number lines in his maths and practising his spellings of some tricky words. Great work Jake!

Liam has been working hard on his times tables skills and enjoying time outdoors with his family. This week he went on a five hour walk- wow Liam!

Megan has enjoyed being creative this week and playing lots of games with her family. She created some lovely paper chains for VE Day celebrations and had a Socially distanced street party. Great work Megan! 

Olivia has been practicing her dancing skills with mum at home who’s week and shared an amazing video with me of one of her dances. It was so complicated with lots of different moves, you will have to teach us some dances when we are back at school. Olivia has also been enjoying the school YouTube videos and made some amazing castanets- well done Olivia!

Owen has had a busy week at home working on his reading using apps and mum even had the clever idea to write key words on the gate in chalk to use! Owen has been working hard on education city and also making salt doh creations- a lovely rainbow and a handprint. Owen has also planted some seeds and helped out with watering the plants in the garden, enjoyed having a go at the walking rainbow experiment from school’s YouTube, created a time capsule and baked cakes for VE Day. What a busy week, fantastic work Owen!


Keep sharing your lovely photos and emailing your friends on purple mash! 


Willow summer week 3

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