28 Apr 2021


10G had a very busy afternoon yesterday. First we did an attention autism session and found the pictures of the different technical items in the flour. We then helped Miss Robertson to sort out which technical items we had in school, which belonged at home and which items we would find in the community. Then we got to go outside and walk around the back of school. On our walk we found lots of different things around the outside of school that used technology. We wrote them all down and talked about what they were used for, for example the fans and the doors that had a lock on that could only be opened with a FOB. We did really well with this and by the end of the lesson we could understand a lot more about the technology that a school uses to help keep us safe. Great job everyone! 

Posted by Miss Z Robertson

Category: 10G

Tags: 10G Class Computing English ASDAN Communication Language and Literacy KS4 2020-21

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