10R Get a visit from the police

6 Jul 2022

Today as part of our ASDAN, unit preparing for work 10R had a visit from our local PCSO, Trish. 
We where able to learn all about her job role and it’s responsibilities and duties, what she liked and disliked about her job.
Everyone in 10R asked a question each, some of the class had lots of…

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Independent Travel in 11G

20 May 2022

What a task some of the pupils in 11G had this week- as part of our ASDAN accreditation- we had to undertake a journey independently (being shadowed by a member of staff.)

The journey that we decided was from school to our local Police Station, crossing several roads, keeping ourselves safe…

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11R Open their ‘Air Bee n Bee’

13 May 2022

This week 11R have continued with their Environmental Awareness work in ASDAN. We took on the project of creating a bug hotel. To begin with we did some research and made a list of materials that would be needed to be gathered from around the school grounds. We had already got some pallets and…

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11R Clean Up in Enterprise

25 Mar 2022

This term 11R have taken part in an enterprise activity to raise money towards year  11’s prom.  We produced some lovely homemade soap that were sold as gifts for Mothers Day gifts this weekend.
First pupils had to cut up the soap base in and then melt it in the microwave. Pupils showed us how…

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