A week with World book day in 7 a !

4 Mar 2022

A very busy week in 7a ! 
In maths this week we have been exploring measurement. We used a ruler to measure our friends hands. We needed to think about where the ruler needs to be placed and from which number we start the measurement from. 
We prompted the children to start at 0 at the bottom of…

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Working hard whilst Miss Brophy was away working hard.

18 Jun 2021

This week Miss Brophy was away on a course so she left us lots of exciting work to do and Mr Murphy was lucky enough to spend a few days in our class to help us out. We researched facts about our Harry Potter house teams to use in our persuasive writing.  We found out some really interesting facts…

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10G learns how to whisper!

7 May 2021

10G have been learning all about how to stay safe online and what we can do if we ever have any problems. Our digital leader had a very important meeting with Mrs Tolan all about whisper, what it is, how we use it and why we use it. He then helped to lead a session all about…

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Digital Leader Luca teaches Willow class to stay safe online

6 May 2021

In Willow class our digital leader is Luca and he was set a new project for this week by Mrs Tolan- teach his class how to use “Whisper”.

Whisper is an app on the school website where children can send messages to Mr Welsh or Mrs Patterson from home if they are worried about anything. They can…

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