23 Feb

8P Spring2 week 1

Pupils and staff in 8P have returned back to school, refreshed and ready for lots of learning and fun.

This week, we have been taking part in lots of different activities, including maths where we have been beginning to learn about money and all the different types of coins, as well as our…

7 Feb

Safer Internet Day 2024

On Tuesday 6th February we celebrated Safer Internet Day at Astley Park School.

Our dedicated team of Digital Leaders have been meeting regularly this term to discuss ideas for the day. The Digital Leaders have also spoken to their classmates to find out what they are worried about online, and…

24 Jan

9A week 3 - Term 2

This week in learners own words. 

On Monday morning, Olivia joined us for a couple of hours, it was really nice to see her in school. We did maths and looked at time. We were putting the right time on the clock faces. After break we did some reading and Spelling. In the afternoon we started…

19 Jun

Astley Park celebrate Rainbow Day

Astley Park School have a had a very colourful week as they explore rainbows, families and diversity as part of Rainbow Week celebrations! 

Rainbow week is a joyful and colourful display of love, unity, and respect, with lots of activities to promote inclusivity, opportunities to educate, and…

5 May

A Royal celebration in 7A.

This week is all about King Charles III Coronation.

7A have been extremely busy with all things royal.

We have researched on our IPads all about King Charles III so we know when he was born, who his mum was, who his children are, his hobbies and lots of other interesting facts.


10 Feb

11G’s brilliant end to the term!!!

What an exhausting last week. 11G have been so busy this week. It has been mental health week in school so we have done lots of activities to promote our mental well-being. We having been looking at all our school values and working as a team. 

On Tuesday morning we went to All Seasons Leisure…

4 Mar

A week with World book day in 7 a !

A very busy week in 7a ! 
In maths this week we have been exploring measurement. We used a ruler to measure our friends hands. We needed to think about where the ruler needs to be placed and from which number we start the measurement from. 
We prompted the children to start at 0 at the bottom of…

25 Feb

Fantastic first week back in 7a !!

This week the children have returned and given us some amazing maths and English work. 
pin maths this week we have been looking at measurement . The children have used different tools and ways to measure different objects around the room ….. including our FRIENDS !!!! The children then looked at…

9 Feb

Safer Internet Day in 9G

On Tuesday 8th February it was Safer Internet Day at Astley Park School. In the morning the class learnt the sign for “Safer Internet Day”.  

We discussed what they thought the internet was used for. At first they just thought the internet was Google, but after thinking a little longer about…

8 Feb

Happy Safer Internet Day from 11G!

Happy Safer Internet Day! 11G have had a lovely day learning all about how to stay safe online. First we filled out a quiz and worked out what we knew and what we still needed to learn about staying safe online. We then had to have a go at the safer Internet day quiz and work out what we would do…

8 Feb

Safer internet day in Willow Class

Today willow class have been learning about staying safe and kind on the internet for internet safety day!

We looked at how we can make kind choices on the internet to keep the internet a happy place and what to do if we see something unkind. We had a go at looking at all the things we can do…

30 Sep

11G new digital leader.



11g are pleased to announce that Faith became our new digital leader. 
After doing an electronic application along with other candidates they where sent The Digital lead coordinator where all applicants where viewed , short listed . Congratulations on achieving  digital lead for 11g .…