17 Jan 2022

As we get closer to Online Safety Day 2022, we are beginning to look at gaming and the dangers for our pupils around being engrossed in such a hobby.


On Tuesday 8th February school will be looking at gaming and the relationships involved with such an activity. Pupils will be taking part in varied planned tasks within their classroom setting. Watch this space for our Blogs! 


As you are aware, we like to share our Online Safety learning with parents, carers and friends of the school, so please can we encourage you to take the time to look at the guidance on how to keep your child safe when gaming, shared with us from National Online Safety. 

The attached guidance is a popular game called ROBLOX, a game which allows users to create their own gaming experiences, building levels and games, and allowing others to play them. Similarly users can play other games created by other people either by themselves or with other people online. Although the game encourages creativity from young people it also opens up some other risks, which you should be mindful of. 


Posted by Mrs R Tolan

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