10 Mar 2022

This week Willow Class went on our first walking trip to visit Astley Park. We have been learning all about our local environment, habitats and wildlife in class, especially looking at local birds during the big bird watch in February so it was time to put all our knowledge to the test! 
We practiced our road safety skills to get to the park safely then went to look at local plants and birds. We predicted we might see ducks and pidgeons as well as other British birds so we took some bird seed. When we got to the pond we fed the birds and talked about why it was a good habitat for the birds to survive and how humans can help look after the habitat to help the birds.

Then we walked to the playground area and all had a great time on the equipment!

All the children were fantastic representatives of Astley Park School in the community and Willow staff are so proud of them all! 

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