17 Jun 2022


This week at Astley Park School it is “ Rainbow Week”. 

Each class at Astley Park has been looking at our different families, the people we live with and how we are all different and proud to be who we are! 


In 9G, we looked at what makes all kinds of different families. 

We then did our favourite thing of discussing what we know about families. 

The learners in 9G spoke about what makes up their family.

We have families with both parents living there and single parents. There are step parents, grandmas and grandads, uncles and aunties and careers that makes up 9G’s amazingly different families! 

It was lovely to see how the children listened to each other on who they lived with and accepted that we all have different family members in our houses. 


Then on Friday, it was Rainbow Day! It was great to see 9G in green T-shirts and embracing rainbow week. 

As a school, we all met on the school track and started our parade. We all walked around the track, with the flags and banners we had made during the week and walked round waving and dancing. 

9G had made a fantastic banner with the colours of the rainbow, which we had carefully stamped earlier on in the week. 

Astley Park had a visitor today. We had a drone come into school. Hopefully it managed to take some fantastic colourful photo of our wonderful rainbow! 


Hope everyone has a super weekend with their amazingly different families! 


Team 9G




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