20 Jun 2022

Willow class had a great time celebrating rainbow week.

We learnt all about what Pride means and who is part of the  LGBTQ+ community, having some really grown up discussions! We talked about how families look different and people might have two mums, two dads, only one parent or live with a different adult. We read some stories to help us think about the way people use language and how to make sure that everyone is treated with kindness and respect. The children asked some brilliant questions and were kind and respectful throughout.

We read the story “part of the party”, a tale about a koala feeling left out of a party for mums and daughters because she had two dads instead. In the story the koala and her friends speak up and say everyone needs to be invited because people have all kinds of different families. We related this to our own families and how we live in houses with different family dynamics. We talked about how we can bring any special adults to school events and it doesn’t have to be a mum or a dad. 

We looked at why the rainbow flag is used to represent pride and designed some of our own pictures using rainbow colours then copied them onto a big flag for the parade on Friday. Unfortunately we missed the parade while we were at swimming but we sent our flag to represent willow class and show our respect and appreciation of the LGBTQ+ community. 

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