This week we have continued to look at healthy living and we have all increased our daily step target from 7000 to 7500. This is 37,500 steps at school each week and I am proud to say that all children and staff completed this target. Everyone has pushed themselves daily, completing more than 7500. A special congratulations to Eshan who received star of the week. Eshan has gone from being able to run from 1 lap of the track on the first week, to now running 5 laps ( half a mile) of the track every morning without stopping. Amazing !!!

Continuing with our parenting awareness section of ASDAN we had a lovely visit from Mrs. Clegg with her baby. All the children were excited to share the things that they had learnt about parenting, ask questions and have some hands on experience. The children made up some formula feeds, changed a nappy, learnt how to hold a baby, putting a baby in a car seat and even had time for a quick cuddle. I was really impressed with the children’s confidence and understanding of the needs of a baby. Thank you Mrs.Clegg for visiting with your beautiful baby girl.

We walked to ASDA in Chorley on Tuesday to get some snacks for class and visit the cafe for a drink and a bite to eat. The town was busy as it was market day and the children did really well being calm and keeping themselves safe whist walking the route. The class worked as a team to help each other when they needed support and encouraged each other. At the cafe the children chose, ordered and paid for their own food. The children’s confidence and independence is growing with each visit and is lovely to see.

What an active Wednesday we had with swimming at Hindley in the morning and boot camp in the afternoon. It was not all work and no play, the children had a play session after their swimming lesson as this was their last lesson until the Autumn term. Nobody was safe from the fun with the water not even the swimming teacher Paula. In the afternoon the children did some circuit training, to some songs of their choice and all the children gave 100% effort. To end the activity we ran some  4x100 meters relay races with the teachers and pupils, I do not know who was more competitive !

On Thursday it was our last day before half term break and the weather was beautiful, so we made the most of it. The children chose to have chicken and chips from Dave on the market at Critchley’s farm shop. The children have been visiting Dave and been sampling his food when we have been looking at what makes a safe stranger in the community. The afternoon was a walk to the park for a cooling water play, an ice pop and fun with our friends.

From all the team in 10G have a wonderful half term with your family and friends and remember stay safe and active!