Chorley In Bloom

21 Nov 2019

11R have worked hard today, we have been taking seeds off Nasturtiums, ready for replanting for next year.


We have also given the community garden a good tidy up, weeding the raised beds.


Pupils worked well together and got on with their tasks. 


After coming to a natural…

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11R Community Rail Project

19 Nov 2019

11R have been working with Community Rail Lancashire over the past year, taking photos, drawing images and looking around Manchester to learn about the importance of bees in the city. We also learnt about the amazing work of Emmeline Pankhurst and of James Watt. Pupils have enjoyed working with…

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9R’s visit from the Police 2019

11 Oct 2019

9R have been looking at Superhero’s and we have been looking at real life superhero’s in our community. We have done a lot of research on the police and were lucky enough to get a visit from them.

We had thought of lots of questions before they came in and managed to get some really interesting…

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10R Project Bee

12 Jun 2019

Katie from Community Network Rail was inspired by 10R and their interest in the ‘Manchester Bee’ to make a bid in order to fund, develop and deliver a city-wide Manchester project and create an illustrative walking map where one can spot bees along the way.   

The project has been given the…

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