This weeks blog in learners own words. 

On Monday morning we did maths. We all did some different number work and problems. Then we did my communication, we wrote the conflict and resolution parts of our science- fiction stories. In the afternoon we did relax and then we did understanding the world. We looked at Hindu’s views on lift after death and how they believe we get reincarnated. Finally we did the blog and some of our friends did PHSE. 

On Tuesday morning we started with maths. Some of us worked on more than and less then and some of us did some number words problems. After that we did my communication were we finished writing our science- fiction stories. We all really enjoyed it and we are proud of them. In the afternoon we did P.E we did some gymnastics practicing our forward rolls and then we moved on to backward rolls. We tried really hard. Then we did some fun dancing. After break we came in and some of us helped write the blog and some of us did PSHE.

On Wednesday morning we all did maths, we looked at different shapes and their properties. After maths we went on a trip, first we looked at the types of shops and we did a tally chart. After that we went to Asda and we bought our pizza toppings. We went to the chippy for our lunch then we came back to school. Then some of us helped with the blog. 

On Thursday morning we did maths and shapes and then we went on our iPads on education city. Olivia came into school for a short visit, it was nice to see her .At playtime we were catching autumn leaves. After that we did reading quizzes in my communication. In the afternoon we had relax and we picked what we would like to help us relax and we had calming music. 
Then we did drama and we read the script of Little Red Riding Hood as characters then, we role played it as a different character. We all enjoyed it, it was fun. 

On Friday morning we went on the laptops and wrote some coding instruction to make our cars drive round and then we wrote some instructions to make the frog turn into a prince. After that we had golden time. On Friday afternoon we made our pizzas and added any of the toppings we wanted. We had celebration assembly. Our star of the week this week is Gemma for showing improved confidence with her communication with both adults in school and in the community. Well done Gemma. 

Have a lovely weekend.